Unfolding Folds_ Degree Project Work In Progress

Degree Project Work In Progress

Humans think that they wear watches so they have time;
Humans think that they build shelters so they have space;
Humans think that they are living their lives through time and space;
These are the myths that humans live on.

Moving towards whatever possible hint from future or far away,
passively letting time and space passing by,
humans are doing nothing, more than existing?

Light, geometry, humans put names and meanings on them,
being convinced that they possess them.
However, after being deprive of all these names and meanings,
...they are forced to believe
that one day has passed when the sky is lit up for a second time.

What is this 'day' and 'sky' though?

(...they are waken up by light and fall back to sleep again when surrounded by darkness. )
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